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An Institute for Change, the Neuro Engineering Institute provides a suite of offerings in personal and professional development. Our Executive Coaching and Business Consulting offerings include Neuro Science tools to shift the Mind-Set programming and conditioning so Business Leaders discover their ability to continually increase their consciousness and that of their company for greater career fulfillment, efficient business operations, and increased profitability. We serve individuals, peak performers, small business owners and leadership teams of multi-national organizations and governments. We now serve clients throughout the world.

With a base in Beverly Hills, California, NEI was founded in 1991 as a coaching company in Vancouver, Canada.

NEI - Who we are

  1. Being a Game Changer - Forward movement in life is all there is; we absolutely love leading Seminars, Workshops, Executive Coaching and Conferences that provide Business Leaders with the tools to Spiral-Up
  2. Building communities - Our programs are about giving and in that giving we encourage our clients to develop relationships that are mutually supportive and Up-Level each other. We continue to build out events providing opportunities to connect and thrive.
  3. Being of service - Helping others is our Gift. All of our programs are designed to help YOU succeed at your life - a life of Joy, Love, Abundance, Grace & Fulfillment
  4. Demystifying the money paradigm Being of Service from a creative perspective; there is more than enough for everyone
  5. Adventure - We choose projects and clients that include adventure to other lands, industries and complexity of problems to solve so we are fulfilled too.
  6. Fun - We choose projects and clients that we can enjoy and have fun working on. We believe the difference between hard work & struggle is negative emotion so when we are having fun together then we can work hard and prosper together
  7. Life and Career Fulfillment - The work we do as Coaches is not a "job" it is who we are. Having said that we choose clients and projects that are fulfilling for every area of our lives and we teach it to our clients as well.
  8. International Travel - We work globally for many reasons. Working with Business Leaders from a wide variety of industries, cultures and geographies we discover new innovative ways to approach problem solving that we can then utilize to help our clients across the board

Some of the Industries we have consulted in:

Real Estate

Mortgage Banking

Luxury markets

Super Yacht industry

Private / Business aviation

Luxury high performance motorsports and automotive

Law and CPA

Oil and Gas

Law Enforcement


Off-shore wind energy

Post-secondary education

Tech companies



Electrical contractors

Our Values

Providing business coaching and consulting to a wide variety of industries.

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+1 310-459-5111

Our Strategic Partners

Lorna Titley is a Director at Quaynote Communications, specialist conference producers, where she heads up the company's business development, new product research and strategic partnership programmes.

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Lauren E Miller is a world renowned stress relief expert, award winning international bestselling author/speaker and founder of Stress Solutions receiving national recognition in Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, Success, CNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime and Discovery along with the International Journal of Healing and Care. With 18 years of intensive extended education in the areas of anxiety relief and stress reduction as well as youth and adult ministries, Lauren equips men and women worldwide with the skill-sets to step into personal excellence and inner peace. Lauren is a certified Master Business Coach and Master NLP Practitioner and holds her Advanced Training Certificate in EFT, energy psychology modalities that lead to profound inner transformation. Lauren is a part of the team as a content development featured author. For more details please visit Lauren's main website:

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Jared Smith is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talent Evolution. An expert in using the power of social media and social networking to build brands, Jared is passionate about helping small business owners take advantage of the many benefits of online marketing. A sought-after speaker, Jared is known for engaging audiences by sharing real-life examples, easily-understood tips and tricks, and an insider's look at emerging trends, technologies and strategies.

About Jared Smith

Talent Evolution is a digital marketing agency that specializes in internet-based marketing solutions and providing social media consulting services. They are experts in helping businesses use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, email marketing, blogs and search engine optimization to attract more clients and close more sales

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