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Hi, it's Deborah Peters, Thought Leader at Neuro Engineering Institute. Join me for our Game Changing NLP Training and take your business and life to truly world class.

Presenting The Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification Training September 9-17, 2015 professional success trainings on earth for people who want to build an epic business, live legendary lives and expand themselves personally and professionally...

Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan & Chase ~ Musk, Gates, Winfrey, Branson, J.K. Rowling, Madonna. They live their lives on purpose. Do you?

Will you continue at the same level of thinking, performance, creativity & influence creating the same impact that you are at?

... Or will you make new decisions, develop new Thought Patterns that will produce completely new results?

Right! Let's jump right into some absolutely necessary tools for you to reach your highest level of personal, business, health, financial success and fulfillment.

Which brings me to the uncommon idea of being A Thought Leader!

According to Forbes Magazine it's a truism that Thought Leaders tend to be the most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields.

Psychology Today Magazine says NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.

We are heading into the last quarter of 2014!

What will you do with this time?

In today's world a Thought Leader is a man or woman who is a game-changer in their world and those whose lives they touch are reaching far beyond their Circle of Influence deep into the business world & society at large!

Join us September 9-17 2015 in Los Angeles!


Deborah Peters a Master Trainer with an NLP partial client list consisting of: Arco Oil, Epson America, KIA Motors, FBI, UC Irvine, DBVE.........

The NLP Practitioner Training

The first block of seating has been SOLD OUT!

True Thought Leaders in Business: Zuckenburg, Bezos, Anne Mulcahy, Xerox, Howard Schultz, Starbucks, Indra Nooyi, Pepsico... Sports: Dale Earnhardt, Jack Nicklaus, Wayne Gretzky, Danica Patrick, Martina Navratilova.

...Artists like: Warhol, Frida, Picasso, Renoir, Chagall, Dali.

...and of course world builders like: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks are Thought Leaders.

Thought Leaders all have ONE thing in common.

  • Yes, each one of them has what is commonly referred to as perseverance, that inner drive of exceptional persistence and dedication regardless of the obstacles. This is greater than IQ.

  • Yes, each one of them knows that staying focused on the outcome is the key to success regardless of how the circumstances look. On average, people do 100 things and Peak Performers dial it down to do a few things they do really really well consistently.

  • Yes, these Peak Performers all respect time. While the average American watches television 5-7 hours/day, plays video games and engages in gossip, Peak Performers direct their time creating remarkable results.

  • Yes, these Thought Leaders all engaged in behaviors that matched their desired outcomes, running their own Thought Patterns and had Peak Performance in every area of their lives.

  • Yes, they are risk takers. The whole part about making it in America is confidence, focus & Higher Mind tools, and not being afraid to step forward. Most people don't take risks because it is out of their comfort zone and they live their lives in fear.

  • Yes, most Thought Leaders spend 10X more on Higher Mind education especially on their personal development than on entertainment. Success & fulfillment belong to learners. The more you grow the more success you experience.

  • Yes, Thought Leaders are called Thought Leaders for a reason. They create rather than follow! They lead rather than copy!

Out of all the Thought Leaders I've Coached & Trained in the last 18 years here is what they have in common:

ALL THOUGHT LEADERS use their Higher Mind going beyond the intellect connecting your head to your heart for Peak Performance.

The Key to your Success my friend...

To create Peak Performance and become a Thought Leader you absolutely must master your Thought Patterns.


Neuro Science proves our Thought Patterns trigger our Brain Syndicate to function more efficiently. A higher functioning Brain Syndicate attracts higher vibration Thought Patterns to live a life as a super healthy, high performing Thought Leader tapping into the Infinite Power of your Unconscious Mind.

Did you know:

1.Your income can be calculated by adding the income of your top five friends divided by 5?

2.Your drive & enthusiasm for success mirrors that of your social circle!

3.The results, goals & outcomes in your life are a direct reflection of your friends & colleagues.

4.The lifestyle you live mirrors that of your closest friends

5.Your self worth, limiting beliefs and happiness is aligned with the top 5 people you spend the most time with

I strongly encourage you to really consider whom you spend the most time with and where you hang out and live.

Where & with whom you spend you time determines how your life unfolds & whether you achieve your life's greatest goals.

My recommendation is you muster up the courage to clean out the closet/garage/attic of your associations that are simply with you and not for you. If they are commiserating with you and supporting you in your struggle, they are limiting you.

Your fulfillment, performance, health, finances, mindset & future goals will shift when you take this bold step! My wish for you is that all of your dreams come true.

I am sharing this life attending with you. Not everyone is ready to claim their greatness so let's talk!


Clients have been asking me to offer another NLP Practitioner Training in 2015. This NLP course is for people who are already successful but want to leap into a higher level of fulfillment, joy and results ~ to break through into the Higher Mind, Peak Performance and Thought Leader Ownership to create the mindset, wealth, health, happiness and global influence.

The NLP Practitioner Certification Training

I am absolutely thrilled to bring this to you again in 2015 NOW!

  • I'm sharing this with you now so you can get into this course and make the shift into your spiraling up into Higher Mind getting Guidance for Inspired Action

  • And because I appreciate your faith in me and the tools that we teach here at Neuro Engineering Institute NEI that we've been sharing with many industries around the world.

  • The NLP Course is a 10-day high performance training program where I teach you the tools, systems and strategies of running your own mind. These are tools I use with Private Coaching Clients who are Heads of State, C-Level Corporate Executives and Athletes.

  • There aren't any NLP courses that will give you the Neuro Science formulas for you to OWN forever!

  • NLP Course attendees will be taught the insights, strategies and inner workings of the human mind so you can apply them on a daily basis in a pragmatic way for consistent results.

  • The program will dramatically accelerate your success, influence and impact while reducing drag on achieving what you seek

  • The price includes an authentic NLP Practitioner manual, meal plan and an incredible course over 10 days in DTLA!

There are a limited number of seats available at The NLP Practitioner Training!

I am making this ultra-exclusive! It's only for people who are ready to be the dominant players in their industries, lead amazingly fulfilling lives and have a huge impact on our world.

YES! I want my seat now!
  • The NLP Training is a 10-day live event with me and my team; a phenomenal group of people dedicated to your greatest life NOW. You'll discover my most advanced strategies on performing at higher levels in your life, increasing your productivity, building amazing relationships, getting super fit, being super healthy, growing wonderful opportunities, rewiring your mindset for deep motivation and creating infinite self love to create a deep alignment between your head and your heart (your relationships, marriage and family life will never be the same after this NLP Training.)

  • The NLP Training is held on September 9-17 in downtown Los Angeles. Truly dedicated achievers have signed up ready to take their lives to the next level.

  • And... every day I'll continue to give you the tools to move your life forward. Every single day!

  • We'll have time to eat and have unforgettable conversations and you'll make new friends of like mind who are committed to their greatness!

About our NLP Training:

Yes ~ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I've created The NLP Course with so much care, attention and love.


  • Are you ready to associate with people who are truly dedicated to shift upward, to move forward, to dissolve limiting beliefs and negative self talk and truly manifest their greatest gifts and goals?

  • Are you set to join one of the most amazing groups of people that can serve as your mastermind team moving forward encouraging you to explosive growth in the most important areas of your life and support so you can live your life on purpose & wide awake!

This IS your time you know. This IS the day you make the decision that changes everything for you.

So let's do this my friend. Life's too short to play small. And I'm so committed to helping you win and achieve!

1. Please note; there are just a few seats left at this price and the price increases October 1.

2. The cost of a seat at The NLP Training is $4,495.00 (It's worth more than double that) But those who step forward and enroll NOW pay the special price of $3,995 USD.


Regular price per seat is $4,495.00 - and increasing to $4,995 very soon!

Your price when you register right now: $3,995.00 (you save over $500 USD)

Special Pricing for a Limited Time Only


Register today and you'll get the video program from the NLP Practitioner Training Course (retail value $2595.00)

Bonus #2

Register now and you'll also receive my Neuro Science Meditation CD (retail value $20.00)


Thank you. I'll see you there!

Highest Regards,


P.S. You are definitely worth this program! And, it's a life-changer!

Copyright 2015 Neuro Engineering Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

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