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Executive Coaching is a highly interactive process through which the coach helps executives achieve extraordinary results in their organizations by making them gain better knowledge about themselves get better knowledge about themselves (values, desires, behavior etc.) and triggering changes in beliefs and behavior so that to optimize the use of their resources.

What is Executive Coaching?


Dr. Sally Williams

Dr. Sally Williams is a dynamic Educational / Organizational Psychologist, life coach, author, and motivational speaker with an over 10 year successful track record of building strong organizational cultures. She is effective at implementing executive leadership coaching and training programs that deliver positive, sustaining results. Known for her ability to provide organizational interventions that promote high employee engagement and retention, Dr. Williams is able to develop trusting relationships with leaders and employees through collaborative efforts. Her major competencies include executive and life coaching, motivational speaking, organizational and management development, change management, employee relations and retention, training curricula design, and measurement analytics.

Life Coaching:

  • Identifying the blockers to success and eliminating them
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals that will help implement positive life changes
  • Assessing current competencies and skills in order to develop greater strengths
  • Pinpointing and eliminating time wasters
  • Evaluating daily habits to determine overall wellbeing and work/life balance
  • Implementing action steps to track and measure results

Corporate Services:

  • Determining leadership competencies which are effective
  • Identifying motivators for team members to obtain their best performance
  • Conducting employee engagement surveys to enhance management effectiveness
  • Implementing communication skills that achieve mutual understanding
  • Eliminating time wasters that can prohibit efficiency
  • Tracking and measuring productivity results

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