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About the Founder, Deborah Peters:

Corporate Change Agent, Human Engineer and Visionary are some ways to describe Deborah. As thought Leader of NEI, she oversees the development of their offerings and is Chief Facilitator of all trainings, executive roundtables and customized training programs for companies globally. As a Master Trainer in Neuro Science the ability to repattern Thought Programs at the Neurotransmitter point of origin (The Brain Syndicate) Deborah possesses the innate ability to deliver higher mind tools that create change, growth and stability in any organization large or small. Deborah is an expert facilitator for fostering greater resourcefulness and awareness to building systems, structure, worthwhile habits, people and increasing ROI as well as achieving the deepest gifts of your heart. Deborah brings an ease to the process of change to client, projects and negotiations across cultures; growth is always assured.

Amongst Deborah's long list of accomplishments, she has lobbied US Congress and facilitated a trade agreement between Canada and Panama. As a professional speaker Deborah has delivered Keynote Speeches and customized programs in over 11 countries to date including: The 8th International Congress on Behavior Studies in Santiago, Spain; Leadership Skills for John Cabot University, Rome, Italy; The Global Super Yacht Forum, Seattle and Monaco; The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum, London; Opportunities in Super Yachts in Malta and the Off Shore Wind Energy Conference, Copenhagen.